Kris Allen Files to Run for Congress in Arkansas 2nd District

LITTLE ROCK – Musician and American Idol winner Kris Allen officially filled as a candidate for Arkansas 2nd Congressional District in a surprising move this morning.

Allen joins former North Little Rock Mayor Pat Hayes, French Hill, Ann Clemmer, and Conrad Reynolds as candidates seeking nomination. Allen says he will run as an independent, possibly facing early front-runners Hayes and Hill in the general election.

“I just woke up this morning and decided to do it,” Allen tells us. “I am obviously able to win a popular vote in a land slide. I would love to thank Mayor Hayes for his years of hard work in North Little Rock, which has hosted many of my concerts. Also thanks to Mr. Hill for giving me free checking for the past several years. But it is time that I reconnect with the people who support me.”

Allen later issued a challenge to the other candidates to hold a series of talent competitions in lieu of public debates between now and November. Allen’s proposal would remove the least popular candidate from the ballot following each of the five competitions, ending with the final section on November 4th.

Since winning American Idol in 2009, Allen has enjoyed a large amount of popularity in his home state of Arkansas. Last year UCA announced the Allen School of Reality Television in his honor.

Allen is not the only former American Idol contender running for congress this election. Earlier this year season 2 runner-up Clay Aiken announced his campaign for North Carolina’s 2nd district.

“I am sure a lot of people will see my campaign as trying to copy what Clay is doing,” Allen tells us. “That is simply not the case. Sure, it may have provided a bit of inspiration the same way that he inspired other skinny white kids to try out for Idol. I am certainly not trying to copy Clay in any way. I tend to actually win the popular vote after all.”

Allen says he will begin fund-raising next month with a series of concert tours across central Arkansas. Allen plans to release his next single, “Live Like We are Fiscally Responsible” later this week. Those interested in supporting the campaign are encouraged to call 888-ARCongress-02 or text #2 to 26647377 on your ATT phone.


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Kris Allen Files to Run for Congress in Arkansas 2nd District