Law Students Required to Retake Bar Exam After Test Are Lost By Arkansas Bar Association

Today, the Arkansas Bar Association (ABA) revealed that the Bar Exam tests from the Little Rock area are missing following Wednesday’s exam. The Bar Association will require exiting law students to retake the MBE portion of the exam which has been rescheduled for August 7th.

The completed exam papers were lost while being packaged for shipment to the National Conference of Bar Examiners who grades the final test.

“The box was sitting next to a number of practice booklets when I walked out of the room,” the bar association’s exam coordinator Julia Shumway tells us. “We are required to destroy the practice booklets each session following the exam. I came back and the practice booklets were still there and the real exams were gone.”

The Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) is administered in every state except Louisiana and Washington. The MBE is a six-hour, two-hundred question multiple choice examination completed on the second day of examination. The MBE accounts for 50% of the total bar exam score.

MBE rules stipulate that all retest must be taken using completely new exams. The ABA is encouraging all test takers to repeat as many study methods as possible. In a statement following the announcement the ABA says that “while the loss is unfortunate, we believe many future lawyers will ultimately be excited to show off their legal skills again.”


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Law Students Required to Retake Bar Exam After Test Are Lost By Arkansas Bar Association