Little League Player Tests Positive For Steroids

Caleb Moore, first base player for the Little Rock Junior Deputy Marlins little league team, has tested positive for receiving human growth hormone (HGH), a banned substance in the Junior Deputy Baseball Program. Although the little league ball club does not test for the drug, players can still be punished if they are known to have violated the league’s drug policy.

Teammates reported noticing a significant spike in Moore’s productivity on the field this season. He currently leads the team in both hits, and RBI’s. “We all just thought Caleb had been practicing with his dad or something” said team shortstop Will Sanders. “All of the sudden he just got real good”.

When reached for comment, Marlins Coach Bill Fulton expressed disappointment in the 6-year-old slugger. “I’ll be honest. I’m upset. A lot of kids out here are using PED’s, but I never thought Caleb would be one of them. “

PED usage has become a rapidly increasing problem in little league baseball. Expectations of parents, compiled with the guarantee of a pizza party after each win, can lead to players looking for a competitive advantage. Knowing they have to perform and be in peak physical condition puts strain on a player’s ability to make the right decision.

The Junior Marlins first baseman refused to comment on his involvement in the matter and went on attribute the positive test to a recent switch in post-game Juice Box brands. “I just hope I’m not grounded from the iPad”, added Moore.

Eleven other players are currently undergoing league review for connection with banned substances. No suspensions have been issued at this time.


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Little League Player Tests Positive For Steroids