Little Rock Marathon Partners with Food Delivery Service To Enhance Training

LITTLE ROCK – The Little Rock Marathon announced a partnership with local food delivery service Chef Shuttle that will allow marathon participants to train leading up to the race by delivering food to customers.

The partnership began after one of the race participants who also works for Chef Shuttle became stuck in traffic with a number of orders to deliver last year according to Marathon Executive Director Geneva Lamm. The training is expected to provide a big boost heading into the final weeks before the March 1st marathon.

“We work with our local runners to seek ideas to support marathon training each year. That is where one of our most improved runners from came up with a brilliant partnership,” Lamm says. “Robert Zemeckis had just started a position at Chef Shuttle, got stuck in traffic, and decided to delivery everything on foot. The training from the added resistance combined with the unfamiliar terrain increased his race position over 200 places.”

Lamm says the training is available for any full and half marathon participants free of charge. Starting positions are set up around the city throughout the day for runners to deliver from. Runners are encouraged to show up at the staging areas and pick up their deliveries.

For Chef Shuttle, the added runners comes at a welcome time when orders of their Valentine’s Day special are becoming increasingly popular.

“We are offering set packages with sweets and a dozen roses available for order and delivery all day on Valentine’s Day,” Chef Shuttle CEO Ryan Herget tells us. “With the runners we have been able to knock our standard delivery time of 45 minutes down to less than 30 by not having to deal with traffic. The fixed option allows us to set the packages up to grab quickly for people needing a wonderful Valentine’s gift in a hurry. Some of the runners will even sing as an added benefit to customers.”

Chef Shuttle says the Valentine’s special will run all day for runners wanting extra training. Delivery customers are encouraged to have cups of water ready for delivery runners.



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Little Rock Marathon Partners with Food Delivery Service To Enhance Training