Local Bakery Sets World Record for Smallest Wedding Cake

mini cakeSweet Love Bakery today was awarded the world record for smallest multi tier wedding cake. The cake stands 1.25 cm tall and weighs 90 grams and includes three tiers.

The cake was created for a wedding involving two nano particle scientist. Bakery owner Kelli Marks wanted to give the couple a unique cake for their wedding. “I thought about microscopes, atoms, lab jackets, pocket protectors, and all sorts of things” says Marks. “Ultimately I decided to make the smallest cake I could imagine. I had no idea it would become a world record.”

To serve the cake at the wedding the couple borrowed an electron microscope from UAMS to cut and plate the cake into enough pieces to serve the estimated 780 guest at the wedding.

The cake served at the wedding was actually the second version. Marks tells us that she lost the first cake somewhere in the bakery. “It was the hardest cake that I have ever made. It took me 3 days to make the first one, then 2 days before the wedding I couldn’t find it, I must have lost it somewhere in the bakery” Marks says. “So I stayed up all night and all day working to remake the cake.”

To create the small cake Marks used a large magnifying glass, syringes for the piping, and an easy bake oven to cook it. She found that the large industrial oven she has in the bakery would burn the small layers of white cake.

When asked if she plans to make any other alternative sized cakes Mark’s told us that she is going to try for a 16 foot tall beaver cake sometime this summer.


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  1. violet
    May 12, 2013 at 6:36 pm — Reply

    Very interesting!I shall use it for baking facts!: )

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Local Bakery Sets World Record for Smallest Wedding Cake