Local Chef Donnie Ferneau Announces New Reality TV Show “Food Writer Survivor”


Local Chef Donnie Ferneau today announced the details of his much rumored reality tv show. The show will be called “Food Writer Survivor” and will air this spring on Food Network.

The new show centers around Ferneau’s upcoming restaurant and sets local food writers against each other to write about the restaurant’s opening. Each week the worst writer must compete in food challenges to stay in the competition. The winner at the end of the season is allowed exclusive access to write the opening night review.

“It is a really great way to connect back with some of the guys that have covered restaurants I have been involved with throughout the years,” Ferneau tells us. “Along with that it tells the story of all the hard work and difficult decisions that go into opening a quality restaurant.”

The show just finished filming the pilot episode this week. The producers tell us that the first challenge will involve writing an accurate, verified sneak peek of Ferneau’s restaurant.

“We tried to make the first challenge easy, write a sneak peek and verify all the information before going to print,” Sr. Producer Rachel┬áCusimano tells us. “Most writers did great, however one writer failed to meet any of the requirements and faced the elimination food challenge, unfortunately he met a tragic ending. I believe this is the first time we have had anyone die on a Food Network show. I have never seen a food writer try to stick his head in a pot of boiling corn.”

The show will resume filming next week where members of the fallen writer’s internet fan club, including local restaurant owners such as Hot Dog Mike and the owners of Pancetta, will share their favorite memories from his writing career in the first 3.7 seconds of the show.


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Local Chef Donnie Ferneau Announces New Reality TV Show “Food Writer Survivor”