Local Contractor Demolishes Wrong Building After Using Apple Maps

A Little Rock based contractor has issued a public apology after he found out today that he had spent the entire week demolishing the wrong commercial building.

Capitol Demolition, a Little Rock based demolition contractor, began demolition Monday on the former Brandon House Furniture building at the corner of 12th and University. The contractor realized, after approximately half the building was demolished, that he had the wrong building.

“I was reading about the plans for a tech park when I saw something about the Brandon House building being a possible site,” said Capitol Demolition owner Steve Allred. “I realized that was the building we just halfway tore down. I decided to check the address and realized we were halfway across town from where we should be.”

Allred says he received the contract and used the map app on his Apple iPhone to direct his crew to the demolition site. The site was suppose to be 1601 12th street but the map directed him to 6011 12th.

“This is really embarrassing, I hope they decide on another location for the technology park because this one needs a little work now,” Allred says. “I want to say to the owners of this building that we are really sorry. We promise to use Google Maps for the next project.”

Allred says that unfortunately he is not licensed for construction, or he would help repair the damage. Allred did say that UAMS has expressed interest in using the location as a parking lot, which should sell for approximately $15 million.

(thanks to Chad Garner for the headline contest idea)



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Local Contractor Demolishes Wrong Building After Using Apple Maps