Local Food Writer Tells of His Struggles to Break into Exclusive World of Mommy Blogging

Local food blogger Kevin Shalin, formally known by his web name The Mighty Rib, announced a new lecture series at South on Main that will tell his struggles to break into the exclusive world of mommy blogging.

The three part series begins next month on Thursday September 4th. Shalin will spend the first hour recounting the difficulties of transitioning from an award winning food writer to the horrors he faced becoming a mommy blogger.

“I was never prepared for the challenges a new mommy blogger faces. I had the writing talent, but the lack of acceptance almost made me quit,” Shalin tells us. “Eventually I was able to put on a wig and rise above the pain. I think my audience respects me now for that.”

Shalin began the transition in 2013 after a near death experience involving food writing. He began going by the name Karen Shalin in the mommy blogger world and writing on his site The Dainty Salad. He frequently wrote about his life as a stay at home dad.

To fit in, Shalin frequently wore a wig in public to cover his bald head. At many mommy blogging events early on he was ridiculed or even banned. Shalin protested but was denied inclusion into the Listen to Your Mother series and was physically assaulted at the annual BlogHer conference. Through persistence Shalin has become a regular fixture at many P Allen Smith events, often seen dancing and having a good time with other mommy bloggers.

Part of the change happened with the increasing popularity of some of his regular columns such as “Sock Combo Monday?” and “Where am I Taking my Kid to Potty?”. Shalin hopes his persistence can serve as an inspiration.

“I know there are other dad writers out there who would like to be a mommy blogger, I hope this lecture series will guide them to their dreams,” Shalin says. “I already see the signs of hope for others. Recently my BFF, Daniel Walker, decided to leave his food writing job to focus on becoming a mommy blogger. It inspires me to inspire others.”

South on Main additionally announced that following each of the lecture sessions they will hold creative, rhythmic readings of local food writing columns. Admission is free to all events.


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Local Food Writer Tells of His Struggles to Break into Exclusive World of Mommy Blogging