Local Man Meets Clintons After Opening Clinton Family Buffet


Midtown Little Rock business has grown again with the addition of a new restaurant in the Park Avenue shopping center.  The Clinton Family Buffet will feature a 30-foot salad bar, fried chicken, and plenty of lime gelatin with mysterious fruit set in.

The restaurant is the brainchild of Jesse Hood, a 58-year old Gulf War veteran from Marche.

“Two things Arkansans love: buffets and the Clintons,” stated Hood in his opening ceremony remarks.

The dedication was held on a temporary stage in the parking lot with a host of local celebrities and politicians in attendance. A choir of students from the William J. Clinton Elementary School welcomed Bill and Hillary Clinton to the stage with a Dubstep mashup of Hail to the Chief and Jimmy Buffett’s Cheeseburger in Paradise.

“I’ve wanted to meet the Clintons for a number of years now. I knew they came to town any time something was named for them, so I just put two and two together,” Hood said Monday, adding, “It’s a dream come true.”

The Clintons have appeared most recently this year at the dedications for the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport, the Hillary Rodham Clinton Children’s Library, and perhaps most famously at the Clinton School of Public Service opening in 2004.

“It’s something our town has been missing,” said Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola, “we have schools, streets, parks, libraries, and an airport named for Bill and Hill. It was time for a buffet.”

Although the ceremony was dampened by rain, the patrons’ appetites and enthusiasm were not. Two Hog-calls were executed in full, with the final fizzling out on the second Woooo. Hood was optimistic, “Two and a half Hog calls make for a pretty good event, if you ask me.”

The Clinton Family Buffet is expected to see a high volume of customers thanks to its name and strategic location near Sears, a local mecca for out-of-town shoppers.



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Local Man Meets Clintons After Opening Clinton Family Buffet