Local News Station Forced to Admit Their Stories Are Factual


A Little Rock television News Station reports on a number of news stories, such as Saline County Sheriff Arrested for Public Intox, finally comes clean and admits that most of their stories are, in fact, true.

THV11, the Little Rock CBS affiliate, admits they have run factual news stories since 1955.¬†The misconception seemed to come when the station hired former radio host Craig O’Neal, who was famous for prank phone calls while a radio host. Recently this belief that THV carried only fake news accelerated when it became linked nationally to a well-known satire site.

“A few of our stories have recently taking off on large international satire sites, which has invited new viewers into our audience that appear confused about the authenticity of the content we offer,” says THV general manager Michael Caplan. “As much as we would really love to be a satire media outlet, our news stories are in fact quite factual. We unfortunately chose a business model in the station’s early days of providing factual news and it is something we have to live with for years to come.”

A number of viewers expressed outrage in the comments section of the station’s website saying things such as:

“I can’t believe you fooled us all this time”

“My grandma from Idaho called me to say she heard you were real, I told her to lay off the bottle. Turns out she was correct, even though grant it she had been hitting the Jack again after all”

“Has anyone seen my baseball?”

“No way that stuff about the White River being hijacked by crazy conservatives is real”

“You mean Asa is actually going to run for governor again? I thought that was a joke”

“So Lance Turner is not a fake¬†correspondent? All this time I kept looking for that handsome man to come do a comedy show at the Joint. So much for that autograph.”

The station says it will try to work in the future to add more disclaimers that the site features factual news. A number of advertisers have dropped the station and placed ads with Fox 16 instead, which they are certain airs only 100% BS.


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Local News Station Forced to Admit Their Stories Are Factual