Local News Writer Running Out Of Anthony Weiner Puns


Morgan Shelby, a copy writer for Region 8 News, has confessed today he is running out of  headlines that cleverly use  the embattled New York mayoral candidate’s last name as a thinly veiled euphemism.

“When the story first surfaced about yet another controversy surrounding Weiner I was ecstatic. I mean, come on, how hilarious are all these headlines? Then, after writing several dozen, I just started running out of ideas”, said Shelby.

Region 8 News, NEA’s ABC Affiliate, has fully covered all developments in the ongoing Weiner saga dating back to the original scandal that caused his resignation from congress in 2011.

“That’s two years of writing  Weiner headlines”, Shelby added, “I feel as though I have used just about every play on his last name possible. I think at this point in his professional career it would be wise for him to take some time off, get his personal affairs in order, and give the media a chance to come up with some new puns”.

When reached for comment, Region 8 News confirmed it would indeed continue to diligently report on the massive Weiner news story, no matter how long  it takes.




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Local News Writer Running Out Of Anthony Weiner Puns