Local Woman Angry Over Neighborhood Children Pooping in Her Yard

LITTLE ROCK – A local woman is angry over a growing issue with neighborhood children frequently leaving excrement in her yard.

West Little Rock resident Amy Bradley-Hole says the problem began this past fall when she started noticing frequent piles in her yard.

“At first I though it must be dog owners in the area not cleaning up after their pets during walks,” Bradley-Hole tells us. “I asked all the owners in the area to please try to pick up after their animals, but at least two or three times a week I would still find a big stinkin’ pile of poop in my yard in the morning.”

Efforts to raise awareness about the situation and installing animal waste stations throughout the neighborhood were unsuccessful at stopping the problem. Other neighbors, including many dog owners, began seeing the same issue.

“Last week I was up early one morning making a few batches of my garlic sauce when I decided to open the window blinds. First thing I saw was a young boy from up the street squatting in my front yard,” Bradley-Hole recalls. “Since then I have seen six other children early in the morning doing their business in someone’s front yard. I even saw a seven year old girl doing it this morning.”

Bradley Hole says she has been contacting other parents in the neighborhood about the issue, many were unaware that their children were slipping out in the early morning hours.

“I have two boys, and sure they occasionally will relieve themselves in the backyard when no one is around. It is a boy thing,” a local mom who asked to not be named. “I never would have imagined that they dropped off a package in someone’s yard. On top of that they didn’t even wipe. Completely gross.”

Bradley-Hole says she is working to convert the pet waste stations to encourage children to bag their waste by using bags decorated with popular cartoon characters like Phineas and Ferb. She has already placed signs around the neighborhood to discourage the pooping and has asked the City of Little Rock to extend the leash law ordinance to include children under 12.


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Local Woman Angry Over Neighborhood Children Pooping in Her Yard