Local Business Owner Subject of Catfishing Scheme and Dog Kidnapping

256973_10150282659590953_303537_oLate last week we learned that local Conway business owner Cotton Rohrscheib was the target of a catfishing scheme. Today we learned that in addition to the catfishing scheme he is also the victim of a dog kidnapping. The FBI is assisting local authorities on both investigations which we have confirmed are related.

The Catfishing scheme involving Mr Rohrscheib’s identity appears to have taken place over the previous year. Catfishing is the process of setting up a fake identity online to trick people into relationships. In Mr. Rohrscheib’s case this was done primarily through Facebook.

Late last week Rock City Times received a request for interview from the suspect who did not provide her name. In this she told the story how she Google’d the phrase “geeky guy with a smoking hot wife” and discovered Rohrscheib’s profile. She then used that identity along with a name of a local authority to catfish a friend.

After deeply integrating herself with Rohrscheib’s identity she became aware of his masturbating pug bogey. Over time she became deeply obsessed with the animal and his many tricks, eventually forgetting about the catfishing scheme all together. She told us she devised a way to alert Rohrscheib about the previous catfishing scheme as a way to divert his attention allowing her to kidnap the dog. “There is no way I am going to give this dog up. Seriously? A masturbating pug? This is quite possibly the most amazing animal in the world,” the suspect told us in a phone interview.

We have spoken with Rohrscheib this morning and confirmed that the dog has indeed been taken. “I let him out to use the restroom and I received a phone call from someone saying they had a tip on the identity thief,” Rohrscheib told us. “When I looked back outside Bogey was gone and all I could find was a note saying that he was stolen. Please whoever has Bogey bring him back.”

We have received a copy of the note below. FBI and authorities urge anyone who comes in contact with a woman and a masturbating pug to please contact them immediately.







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Local Business Owner Subject of Catfishing Scheme and Dog Kidnapping