Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau Unveils new Branding and Advertising


Little Rock CVB has unveiled their new branding and advertising campaign. The $200,000 campaign consists of an updating logo and new “with a southern accent” advertising campaign.

The new logo will begin rolling out over the course of the next 6 months. The logo is a departure from the previous logo featuring the Rock Island bridge and the Broadway Bridge in the background. “We realized with the upcoming demolition and rebuilding of the Broadway bridge that we needed to do some changes” the CVB VP of marketing tells us. “We decided it was an opportunity to rethink who we are.”

New Little Rock CVB Logo
New Little Rock CVB Logo

The logo features a representation of the Arkansas River and the city name set in Comic Sans. “Originally we thought of going with a felt tip font, but it came across a little cheesy. Comic Sans really is making a come back and has become quite trendy, we think that represents the nature of our city. Trendy and making a come back,” the VP tells us.

The new advertising campaign seeks to pitch Little Rock as a sophisticated, charming, southern city. The initial three campaign spots feature Little Rock art galleries, parks, and Riverfest music festival. The campaign attempts to give potential visitors a real glimpse into some of these Little Rock attractions, in each case using local residents to appear in the ads instead of models.

“We thought it was an attempt to capture the true spirit of the city. So for example in the Art Gallery spot you see some of our culturally aware citizens viewing modern art,” the VP shows us. “In the park spot you see some of our local residents bathing in our splash fountain, in the Riverfest you spot you see the local tradition of going shirtless with jorts to the music festival.”

The CVB hopes the campaign will attract millions of new visitors a year to Little Rock. The revenue is needed to avoid having the city add an additional 1 cent sales tax that goes into an unregulated budget to fund the CVB.




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Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau Unveils new Branding and Advertising