Lyon College Unveils New Logo and Football Uniform

BATESVILLE – The Athletics department at Lyon College opened a new chapter as it unveiled a new logo and football uniform for the Scots.

Lyon will add football, along with men’s and women’s wrestling, to the school athletic program beginning in 2015 for the first time in 62 years. The new logo along with the uniforms come as a rebranding effort of the school’s athletic department

“We’ve developed a stronger athletic brand that will allow us to better market ourselves to prospective students,” said Kevin Jenkins, Director of Athletics at Lyon. “The uniform reinforces our Scottish heritage and will set us apart from other schools. I am pretty sure we are the first college football in the country to play football in full kilts.”

Lyon worked directly with Nike to design the kilt based uniform. The kilt material is designed to be breathable and aerodynamic. Nike designed a special hand warmer to go along with the kilt that resembles a Sporran.

Like traditional kilts, the uniform is designed to be worn without undergarments. Jenkins hopes this will give them a competitive advantage on the playing field, although he admits that it has caused all 4 of the team’s quarterbacks to transfer since the uniform unveiling.




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Lyon College Unveils New Logo and Football Uniform