Mabelvale Skate World to Begin Serving Locally Sourced, Farm Fresh Food.


Mabelvale Skate World today will unveil their newest concession menu today featuring locally sourced meats, grains, and vegetables. The move comes as the indoor roller skating rink attempts to address the demands of the growing foodie community that makes up a large portion of their clientele.

“We have watched our concession numbers decline rapidly over the last few years, kids just are not eating our hot dogs or popcorn anymore,” Skate World owner Travis Myers tells us. “We started paying close attention to the guest and it was a real wake up call. We had one 12 year old ask us where we got the pigs that make up the hotdog. The other night during roller derby we overheard a couple of females on a date say they couldn’t eat the popcorn if it wasn’t locally sourced.”

The new menu will featured locally sourced and stuffed hot dogs, buns and pretzels made from local grains, popcorn from corn farmers in South East Arkansas, hamburgers made from local grass fed cattle, and condiments freshly made daily from local suppliers.

“We ran a secret soft launch last week during 8 year old Avery Schultz’s birthday and really liked the results,” Myers tells us. “The kids ate twice the number of concession products and many commented on the remarkable freshness of the food. They did not even seem to notice the milkshakes made from North East Arkansas grown goat milk that we thought might be a problem.”

Skate world, opened in 1972, says this is their first major menu overhaul since opening. They feel this will be a major boost to customer loyalty.

Myers tells us he plans to introduce ethical Thursdays where they bring the animals to the rink shortly before being slaughtered. “We want our guest to be able to form a special bond with the animals they are about to put in their mouth. We hope to allow pet and even name the animals before they are put into your hot dog.”



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Mabelvale Skate World to Begin Serving Locally Sourced, Farm Fresh Food.