Malzahn Admits to Throwing SEC Championship Game to Take Razorback Job

ATLANTA — Following a loss to Georgia in the SEC championship game, Auburn Head Coach Gus Malzahn says he made a number of strategic calls to put the Tigers at a disadvantage.

The comments came during a post-game interview following the 28-7 loss to the Bulldogs. Malzahn acknowledge that the Razorbacks have not issued a formal offer at the time of the interview, but hopes it comes soon.

“I knew that winning the game would mean a trip to the College Football Playoffs, which would make leaving Auburn more difficult,” Malzahn says. “So I decided to do my best to make it easy. All those penalties and turnovers do not happen on their own. Now it is just a matter of waiting for the Razorback plane to land.”

When discussing why he wanted the Razorbacks’ coaching position, he quickly pointed to the love letter issued earlier this week from the university.

“I could feel the love in the letter. They called me smart, talented, and sexy. You know what? I am sexy, and I deserve that type of appreciation,” Malzahn continues. “No one from Auburn has ever called me pretty. I just want someone to feed me waffles and tell me I am pretty sometimes. So it is worth it to me regardless of the risk.”

Malzahn later continued saying he feels the Razorbacks’ color scheme looks better with his complexion, and that he wishes Auburn would decide on a mascot.


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Malzahn Admits to Throwing SEC Championship Game to Take Razorback Job