Mark Darr Removed from Press Conference After Showing up Without Pants

LITTLE ROCK, Ark – Lieutenant Governor Mark Darr was escorted from a press conference at the State Capitol this morning by State Police after showing up without pants.

Darr called the early morning press conference to address impeachment discussions surrounding his misuse of state funds and mismanagement of campaign money.

“He just walked in the room completely pants-less and began the press conference like nothing was wrong,” Fox16 reporter Jocelyn Tovar tells us. “After a couple of minutes he stopped and asked if there was a problem. About that time a group of state police officers came and immediately escorted Darr from the room.”

Darr released a written statement following the incident apologizing for the mixup, but denying any wrongdoing.

“I called the press conference to ensure that I continue to serve the people of Arkansas. Unfortunately no one properly informed me that pants are required to be an Arkansas patriot,” Darr stated. “No one in my office was ever contacted to make us aware of the policy regarding pants being worn in the Capitol building. I admit my mistake was careless and lazy, but these facts are not worthy of my application of pants in the office and certainly not worthy of personal attacks on my character and on my underwear choice.”

Darr later stated in his letter that by choosing to not wear pants every day of the week he has saved the tax payers of Arkansas a total of $8,000 over the course of his term. The price reflects the costs of the pants, custom tailoring, belts, and dry cleaning; all of which he would have charged to his state credit card.



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Mark Darr Removed from Press Conference After Showing up Without Pants