Massive Rioting Reported in Miami as Residents Learn of LeBron’s Decision to Leave

MIAMI – Local authorities are responding to widespread rioting by fans in the Miami area following LeBron James’ decision to leave the Heat and return to Cleveland.

In South Beach, police in full riot gear attempted to contain crowds that grew in protest of the NBA star’s decision. One man was arrested after police mistook a squirt gun for a weapon. Later a local sun bather was taken into custody after momentarily blinding an officer while applying spray on sun screen.

“Oh he decided not to stay? Well, not too surprising,” an angry protest leader Kenneth Miles tells us. “I guess the traffic will be lighter on Biscayne Boulevard on game nights. Hey, there is a white party tonight if you guys are interested.”

Extra security was put in place around American Airlines arena. An alert was raised following several vehicles playing loud music with their windows open were seen near the arena. So far police are reporting no attacks against the Miami Heat’s playing facilities.

Local shop owners are rapidly remove all LeBron related merchandise to prevent attacks on stores.

“About thirty minutes after the decision I had a young man walk in and asked were we kept the LeBron Miami jerseys, “local team store owner Max Weber tells us. “I very timidly told him that LeBron went back to Cleveland. I thought he was going to shoot me or burn down my store. Instead he just said ‘ok’ and asked for the – jerseys instead. It was terrifying.”

Miami head coach Erik Spoelstra is rumored to be in protective custody inside the team’s video room.


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Massive Rioting Reported in Miami as Residents Learn of LeBron’s Decision to Leave