Mike Huckabee Calls for Ban on Skittles at Halloween

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee called on parents to ban Skittles from children’s Halloween candy fearing the candy may encourage youth to explore homosexuality.

In his weekly FoxNews show, Huckabee called Skittles one of the leading contributors every year to American youth experimenting with homosexuality.

“You ask children to dress up in silly costumes. Then you give them fruity rainbow colored candy. How could this be a wholesome experience for our kids,” Huckabee explains. “We must take responsibility this Halloween. If you give candy, give wholesome candy like Mounds or Smarties. If you have kids, respectfully refuse any Skittles and remove them from your child’s bucket if you do receive any.”

Huckabee further warned parents to be aware of a large liberal plot to hand out extra Skittles this year. Huckabee suggested that parents avoid homes displaying political signs for Democratic candidates while trick or treating.

Halloween is important, but it is only the start according to Huckabee. He hopes to work with conservative store owners to refuse selling the bite size candies all year.

“Jesus never ate rainbow colored fruit candy, and I think there is a good reason for that. It is simply not biblical,” Huckabee continues. “Jesus weeps every time you eat a Skittle.”

Later in the show Huckabee said that he plans to dress as a sand dune this year for Halloween, since those are fairly easy to make.