Mike Ross Announces He Might, Possibly, Maybe, Sort of, Kind of, Probably Running for Governor.

Today Mike Ross held a meeting in his home town of Prescott to announce his intentions to possibly run for Governor, maybe. The announcement was expected to come today from the former U.S. Congressman.

“Today, I might want to be your next Governor, maybe”  Ross told a crowd of onlookers, mostly kids he pulled at the last minute from a nearby school. “There is at least a 50% chance that I might possibly run for Governor if you want me, if not that is ok too. If you support me though I will possibly be there for you. I Sort of, Kind of, probably want to be your Governor.”

Ross is expected to file with the election commission to run on both the Republican and Democrat ticket. A possible campaign spokesperson tells us that Ross has not decided yet which ticket he will run. “There is a good chance he will run Democrat, then again there is just a good of a chance he will run Republican. We just want to leave both doors open in case he decides to run at all really.”

In his speech Ross adressed concerns about the uncertain nature he exhibited as a congressman and his tendencies to change stances on important issues. “I will 100% consider supporting the people of Arkansas in whatever you want me to support you in” said Ross. “If you change your mind, that is fine, I will probably change mine too. But I promise to be a strong governor supporting the values and future of Arkansas regardless of what value and future you decide to take.”

Recent polling before the announcement showed Ross at roughly 50% compared to other candidates.


*Original Photo Credit: Dustin Barnes


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Mike Ross Announces He Might, Possibly, Maybe, Sort of, Kind of, Probably Running for Governor.