Mike Ross and John Burkhalter Announce Undying Love, Plan to Campaign Together


In a press conference on Saturday gubernatorial candidate Mike Ross and Lt Governor candidate John Burkhalter made joint announcements of their undying love for one another. The two candidates say they want to explore spending “every waking moment” together on the campaign trail, and see where it goes from there.

“John Burkhalter and I have been close for many years and, in that time, I have come to see why John has been so successful throughout his life: he is a hard worker, proven problem solver, a compassionate and caring man, and a natural-born leader,” said Ross. “I think it is time to take the next step in this partnership together as we both run for elected office.”

The two say they will work step by step together over the course of the next year and a half on the campaign trail. Burkhalter said his support for Ross and his vision for their relationship development made him comfortable pursuing the Lt. Governor’s post.

Burkhalter said he did not agree to run for Lt. Governor to gain Ross’ affection. The two men said they had met over dinner at Ashley’s on Wednesday following Burkhalter’s Tuesday announcement to discuss the relationship. They agreed it was time to share their vision with the voters of Arkansas this weekend.

“We want to work together to lead the state into a prosperous future that we can watch blossom as we grow old together and feel proud of our accomplishments,” says Ross about the campaigns. “We feel we are best for the state when we are together, we want what is best for Arkansas.”

When asked about sharing campaign resources Ross’ campaign issued a statement saying “We have discussed having joint bank accounts, we have no announcement on that today but I expect it is a logical next step.”

Ross says that campaigning as a couple does not guarantee both will be elected. If Burkhalter fails to get elected, Ross plans to name him to the first lady positon and encourage him to participate in a number of “economic development” activities.


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Mike Ross and John Burkhalter Announce Undying Love, Plan to Campaign Together