Most Amazing Places in the Rock 2013


Today we are very proud to unveil our first ever Most Amazing Places list. This list represents the absolute best places that our visitors like in the Rock**.

We tend to think our visitors are a little more sophisticated than all the other news sites in Little Rock, so feel comfortable that these places truly are amazing. Each place will be offered one of those fancy certificates to hang on their wall. If you own one of these businesses, feel free to take down any others you have, they just became irrelevant.

Big thanks to Chris Kendrick for the city skyline design used here and on our winner certificates.

Local Lime:  Most Amazing Place to Commit Gluttony (best food)

Local Lime has gone from empty building to lines out the door the course of a year. It quickly has captured the stomachs of Little Rockers and has even gone on to be one of our favorite little taco bars. Local Lime comes from the same group that brought you Big Orange and ZaZa’s so you know it is going to be good.
Runner up: Hillcrest Artisan Meats (HAM)

Capital Bar and Grill:  Most Amazing Place to Drown Your Sorrows (best drinks)

Capital Bar and Grill is a favorite of many different crowds. During election season you will find it full of politicians and writers trying to catch the politicians with a mistress. At night you can catch a great string band. Any other time you can find amazing drinks and spectacular food. Feel free to challenge the bartenders to come up with something Amazing, they never disappoint.
Runner up: White Water Tavern

Sweet Love Bakery: Most Amazing Drug Dealer (best treats)

Sweet Love has been around for a little over a year making some very special cakes, cupcakes, and treats for Little Rock. Kelli Mark’s and her team come up with very original designs and deal their drugs to everyone from my 2 year old daughter to George Takei
Runner up: Guillermos, and surprisingly we had a number of actual drug dealers along with cell phone numbers.

UALR Bowen Law: Most Amazing Place to Get Smart (best education)

The Bowen school has been educating some of the best lawyers in the state since 1975. They have graduated US District Attorneys, members of congress, and members of the Arkansas Supreme court. Chances are if you get sued and lose, you were beaten by a graduate of here. Bowen has become known nationally for their innovative approach to law education and is the Alma Mater of our pick for Attorney General.
Runner up: UALR – Main campus

The Rep: Most Amazing Place to Dress Up and Get Down (best place to play)

There are only two words to describe The Rep. One of which we try not to use on the site, but the second one is “Awesome”. The Rep brings truly spectacular live plays to the people of Rock City. These are not some stop-on-a-40-cities-in-40-nights-tour with the cast-members-who-didn’t-make-the-New-York-version-of-the-show plays. These productions rival that of any major city and they have the reviews to back up that statement.
Runner up: Sticky Fingerz

** This list is a reader’s choice. We asked for nominations first, and received more than we expected to be honest. Any of the place that received over half of the nominations in any category automatically won. This is true of Local Lime, Sweet Love Bakery, and The Rep.

Because of this rule the previous category of best business (Most Amazing Money maker) was eliminated because over half of the people nominating skipped this category. That tells me you all don’t care at all about businesses and just want to drink and eat. So because of the 50% rule there is no winner.

Finally any category not receiving 50% of the nominations for one specific place was thrown into a runoff voting that took place on Facebook. Results of these votes can be seen on our facebook page.

While we do tend to stretch the truth a little around here, any visitor choice voting is (and always will be) honored and truthful. We love our visitors if we ask for your opinion that is exactly what we are going to reflect. Thanks for nominating and voting.


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Most Amazing Places in the Rock 2013