Mount Magazine State Park Announces Name Change

PARIS, Ark. – In an attempt to remain relevant in an increasingly web-based society, rangers at Mount Magazine today announced plans change the park’s name to Mount Website State Park.

“Newspapers and magazines belong on the rubbish heap of history,” said senior park ranger Thad Huxley. “But we are not a printed publication. We are a very, very tall pile of rocks, so we feel good about the change.”

The name was chosen from among several possibilities, including Recycle Box Mountain and Mount Mobile App. According to Huxley, new signage and souvenirs are expected to be in place before the busy spring tourist season.

“The new name makes about as much sense as the old one,” said Terry Woodson, a resident of nearby Dardanelle and frequent park visitor. “Thanks, Obama.”

Among other changes at the venerable Arkansas state park, Signal Hill, the highest point in Arkansas, will be renamed iPoint.


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Mount Magazine State Park Announces Name Change