Mount St. Mary Academy Announces Expulsion of all 357 Gay Students


Little Rock — Mount St. Mary Academy today announced following the firing of a long term openly gay teacher that they will also expel all students that are openly gay from the campus effective immediately.

Mount St. Mary is a Catholic girls school with an enrollment of around 500 students. The school would not release the names of impacted students but stated the initial total was 357 students, which represents over 70% of the total enrollment.

“We want to eradicate this type of behavior from our school and uphold the spirit of the Catholic Church,” Principal Diane Wolfe said in a written statement. “We have a long standing tradition here at Mount St Mary of upholding good, moral, heterosexual behavior. I don’t want to see it ruined because a few girls believe the Pope thinks it is ok.

The school plans to officially change their name to “Mount St. Mary Academy for Heterosexual Young Women” following the new policy reinforcement.

Mount St. Mary said in the official announcement that they would begin a process re-indoctrination of all remaining and incoming students. Beginning in the spring semester students will be required to spend at minimum 8 hours a week with male students from Catholic High school.  The school is additionally changing daily lunches to be catered by Chick-Fil-a until further notice.




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Mount St. Mary Academy Announces Expulsion of all 357 Gay Students