NCAA Rules that UCA Football must Vacate All Home Wins Since 2011

The NCAA today ruled that University of Central Arkansas’ (UCA) football team must vacate all wins at Estes Stadium since the 2011 season due to hypnotizing opposing players.

A formal investigation into the hypnosis began at the start of this football season. Following games at Estes Stadium random members of the opposing team were tested for hypnosis by a trained former Las Vegas hypnotist. In some games such as the 58-7 victory over University of Incarnate Word and the 31-0 victory over Nebraska Kearney as many as 80% of the opposing team’s players were shown to be hypnotized.

“This is a serious offense by UCA and we are still considering further sanctions,” NCAA chief investigator Patrick Swanson says. “It is so sad to see that a large portion of UCA’s success has come from cheating.”

UCA entered the season undefeated at home, with an 11-0 record, since the 2011 season. This season UCA has won 3 of their 5 home games going into a final game this weekend against Sam Houston State.

The NCAA began to notice the situation during a game last year against Eastern Illinois(EIU). Shortly before halftime EIU scored a touchdown to bring the score within 1 point at 23-24. On the ensuing kickoff the entire EIU team began clucking like chickens, flapping their arms, and pecking at the ground. UCA went on to score an additional 24 points to EIU’s 7 points.

“We are still trying to pinpoint the source of the hypnosis, but preliminary reports show that it is their alternating purple and grey field that appears to be causing the issues,” Swanson tells us. “Because of that we are asking UCA to move their game this weekend to nearby Hendrix College’s Young-Wise Stadium.”

UCA’s purple and grey field drew a variety of negative reviews and plenty of questions about why the team would want to implement the color scheme. The field was later revealed to be designed by UCA’s psychology department, lead by a pair of senior psychology majors specializing in┬áhypnotherapy.

Following the announcement the University of Arkansas Razorback Football team sent a formal request to UCA to use Estes stadium for home games against Alabama and LSU in the 2014 football season.



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NCAA Rules that UCA Football must Vacate All Home Wins Since 2011