Group Petitions to Remove I-40 from the Federal Interstate Highway System


The local property rights group Secure Arkansas today announced that they plan to introduce a formal petition to remove the stretch of Interstate 40 from Little Rock east to West Memphis from the Federal Interstate Highway System.

Jeannie Burlsworth, who runs the right-wing property rights group, “Secure Arkansas,” claims the Interstate system is a covert government operation. The Interstate system relies on a system of partnerships with state agencies, contract work paid with federal and state tax dollars, and volunteer work from local organizations.

“Once contracts are signed, the so-called “defense” element is GONE!!  Isn’t it true that the power to change the terms of the contract for the government side of the contract exists in the layers of government”, says Burlsworth. “At any given point the government can just roll their tanks down our tax payer funded interstate and institute martial law. I am pretty sure I have seen black helicopters in the area at night already.”

The Interstate Highway system was put in place by the Federal Highway Act of 1956 and the original proposed freeways were built out over the next 30 years. The original purpose of the interstate system was to provide rapid ground defense capabilities across the US.

“Next thing you know they will reinstate federal speed limits and start forcing states to clear debris from the road,” Burlsworth continues. “All this is to prevent us from escaping their murderous grip, and keep us from setting road blocks to keep them out. The only option is to remove I-40 from the interstate system so we can take back control of our highest traffic roadway in Arkansas.”

Secure Arkansas, which is led by Burlsworth, recently completed a successful protest of the Blueway Designation on the White River. The National Blueway designation for the White River was to be the second of its kind, but the group felt it was a covert operation to take land away from surrounding land owners and increase actual enforcement of already existing laws.

The group says if this plan is successful they will turn their focus next on protecting against the removal of bat guano from caves in Arkansas.




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Group Petitions to Remove I-40 from the Federal Interstate Highway System