New Study: Over 75% of Arkansans will be Related to Duggars by 2035

FAYETTEVILLE – A new study from the University of Arkansas shows that by the year 2035 over 76.8%  of Arkansans will be related to the Duggar family.

According to the study the Duggar children will have on average 11.8 kids. Assuming early marriages those kids will themselves have kids at the same rate. After in-laws and cousins the Duggar family will be related to over 3.7 million Arkansans by at least 3 degrees of relation.

“The Duggar impact on the state and region is astonishing,” UA researcher Frank Gilbreth tells us. “Just voting age Duggars will be able to represent a block large enough to guarantee a related sitting governor by 2025. They are the first true American family Empire.”

The report comes after Duggar son Josh announced his 4th child along with daughter Jill’s first after less than a year of marriage.

The research continues that by 2050 over half of all Americans will be related to the Duggar family, dramatically altering the American culture over the next 35 years. The expected cross breading with the Duck Dynasty family is expected within the next 5 years, further accelerating the spread.

“A new face of the American people will emerge that is completely untrimmed and unshaven,” Gilbreth tells us.” Imagine men with beards down to their knees and women with frizzy untamed hair. Not to mention the overall culture shifts that will happen.”

Most projections show the Duggar relatives taking over the entire southern states along with Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona along with many mid-country states. According to the report the remaining states will see a large population increase from minorities, LGBT supporters, and anyone who is not a complete bigot.


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New Study: Over 75% of Arkansans will be Related to Duggars by 2035