Nicholls State Quits Game, Seen Leaving Razorback Stadium Shortly After Halftime

FAYETTEVILLE — The Nicholls State Colonels football team officially withdrew from competition against the Arkansas Razorbacks shortly after halftime according to a note found in the visiting team locker room.

Fans spotted Nicholls State loading the team bus and driving away from Razorback Stadium immediately following the end of the second quarter of the game against the Razorbacks. Nicholls State was losing 56-0 at halftime.

“We sent a staff member into their locker room to see if they needed anything at halftime,” Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long tells us. “The locker room was completely empty, the only thing left was a note on the floor.”

According to sources the note contained only two words, “F* It” (expletive removed), on the back of a sheet of plays.

Arkansas Razorbacks say they are disappointed to not finish the game against Nicholls State, but were able to quickly get in touch with the local Fayetteville High School team to come play the second half in Nicholls State’s place.

“Obviously we want to continue the game against our opponent,” Long says. “While the points will not count, Fayetteville High will still offer us some level of competition to rush our running backs past.”

The Razorbacks crash back to reality next week when they play Texas Tech in Lubbock, TX.

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Nicholls State Quits Game, Seen Leaving Razorback Stadium Shortly After Halftime