North Little Rock Submits Proposal to Annex Sherwood

The City Council of North Little Rock released a proposal to annex the adjoining city of Sherwood today during a hearing at city hall.

The proposal for annexation came unexpectedly to the council by North Little Rock mayor Joe Smith on Monday. The council agreed to move forward with a draft of the proposal, which was then approved last night during a special session.

“Over the weekend I attended a young relative’s princess birthday party in Sherwood when it became apparent that annexation was necessary,” North Little Rock Mayor Joe Smith tells us. “It happened shortly after I was pulled over for doing 31.5 mph in a 30 mph zone. After politely pleading my case and being threatened with being arrested for failure to obey a lawful order I decided it was time to annex this place.”

The council says that they expect resistance to annexation from Sherwood leaders, but feel a partnership with the city of Jacksonville can help create legal justification for the annex.

Under North Little Rock’s plan, the cities of North Little Rock and Jacksonville will form a temporary union to surround Sherwood. They would then force an enclave annexation (annexing an area fully surrounded by another city) of Sherwood into North Little Rock. As part of the deal North Little Rock and Jacksonville would then dissolve the union.Jacksonville will keep the previously desired Gravel Ridge area in exchange for support.

“Yes it is a lot of work, but Sherwood is a real pain in the ass for our citizens most of the time,” Mayor Smith continues.

As a part of the annexation plan, North Little Rock will offer Sherwood residents free passes to the USS Razorback submarine, and half off coupons for all you can eat pancakes at Mugs Cafe on Saturday mornings for a year.

“It really was the least we could do. Seriously, I checked, this was the minimum amount we are required to give Sherwood,” Smith says.


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North Little Rock Submits Proposal to Annex Sherwood