Obama Admits to Facebook Stalking Russian President Vladimir Putin


Washington — The Obama administration today acknowledged that the president himself has knowingly been Facebook stalking Russian president Vladimir Putin over the past 3 years.

The acknowledgement came today during a press conference by the president regarding the NSA’s cell phone tapping of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Obama denied any knowledge of the cell phone tapping. In the press Q&A session Obama was asked if the reports of him using Facebook to follow Putin’s activities were true.

“Do I check President Putin’s Facebook feed? Well, occasionally,” Obama responded to the question. “He did accept my friend request and tagged me in photos from the G20 summit. We certainly have never used the NSA’s access to Facebook data to read his private messages or anything.”

The NSA issued a statement following Obama’s press conference saying that they have in fact been spying on Putin’s Facebook messages without the president’s knowledge since 2010.

The rumors of Obama’s Facebook stalking began in May when the President mentioned Putin’s marriage problems. At the time such problems were un-announced, but was later found that Putin had changed his relationship status to “It’s Complicated”. It was later suspected that the tensions between Obama and Putin over Syria arose after Putin posted a photo of himself and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad having drinks in a hot tub together.

Putin has reportedly unfriended Obama following the admission and then unexpectedly changed his profile picture into a giraffe.


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Obama Admits to Facebook Stalking Russian President Vladimir Putin