Occupy Little Rock Close to Victory


Three years ago Occupy Little Rock, a spin off of the Occupy Wallstreet movement, was a vibrant community of at times 100 individuals living in tents in downtown Little Rock. Today Occupy Little Rock is one guy, a sign and a sleeping bag.

Herman Smith, 28, is the lone remaining member of Occupy Little Rock. The numbers for Occupy have been dwindling since the city began restricting their available space. After being moved from the Clinton Presidential park the group was given a much smaller area in River Front Park. This began a series of moves by the city on the group’s location, eventually dwindling down to the 5 sq ft space they are allowed to peacefully occupy today in McArther Park.

“About two months ago the last two guys with me said they were going to run out and grab pizza. They never came back,” Smith tells us. “At least they were nice enough to leave the sleeping bag we all three had been staying in, we do not have room for a tent anymore.  They never seemed to return my calls, I imagine something tragic happen to them. Most likely they are held in Guantanamo or something. If I can get someone to watch my spot here I might attempt a rescue mission.”

LRPD says they forgot about the movement, but sees no reason to shut him down. “I thought all the people left a year ago. We have seen the guy in the park and kicked him a few times, I figured he was just homeless. I think I saw that guy with the crazy van drive down here and try to bathe him once,” says an officer with the LRPD.

Smith tells us he plans to ride the Occupy movement out to the end. “We, meaning I guess myself now, are not going to quit until we stick it to the man. Yeah I get a little lonely sitting out here, but the ducks are surprisingly friendly,” Smith says. “My mom comes by a couple of times a week and brings me some clothes and food. I think I am getting really close to a victory.”

When asked about what would be a victory for the Occupy movement Smith tells us he forgot, but is sure it is something really revolutionary.


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  1. Kaitlin.Lott
    May 25, 2013 at 11:32 pm — Reply

    Occupy Little Rock is still around, I should know, as I’m one of them, but this was absolutely HYSTERICAL! Keep it up!

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Occupy Little Rock Close to Victory