Outbreak of Mysterious Gang Related Symbols Have Authorities Perplexed and Citizens Fearful

Instance of the symbol appearing on the side of local resturant

A series of strange symbols that have been showing up in various forms throughout the metro area have authorities perplexed as to their origin and are leaving many citizens worried. The symbols, seen to the right, appear to coincide with an uptick in murders in the city. This according to authorities might be a connection back to gang activity.

“We have been trying to crack this case for over a year now,” local detective Paul Watson tells us. “We can’t find anyone who knows either what they mean or where they came from. They are starting to turn up everywhere, all ever so slightly different but the same general
style. We believe this might be significant.”

The symbols began appearing about a year and a half ago, at first on obscure pieces of mail then on business store fronts and even recently on signs and billboards. All are square in size and feature a seemingly random pattern of squares and lines.

Former Museum of Discovery worker Katie McManners tells her frightful experience. “I sent out a mail piece promoting an upcoming event and it came back with this strange symbol. Next thing I know it was popping up on things all over the Museum. Then strange things started happening like our dino mascot going missing. We then found a dead body in the museum. They told me it was just a mummy exhibit, but I don’t believe it. I had to get out of that place before I was the next mummy exhibit. It all started with the symbol though, then they tried to cover it up.”

Authorities tell us the symbols appear to be connected to a man known only as the Godfather. All attempts to find the Godfather though have turned up empty. “We have not had gang activity like this since the 90’s,” detective Watson states. “We are making it our top priority to track down the gang leaders responsible.”


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  1. Traci
    March 20, 2013 at 11:46 pm — Reply

    Looks like a symbol for a app

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Outbreak of Mysterious Gang Related Symbols Have Authorities Perplexed and Citizens Fearful