Ozark Space Agency Unsuccessful with Inaugural Launch


This weekend the Ozark Space Agency (OSA) attempted their first ever launch of a manned mission into space. The attempt was unsuccessful after failing to meet necessary escape velocity on takeoff.

The Ozark Space Agency was founded in 1997 in a joint venture between University of Arkansas at Fayetteville and Arkansas Tech University. After a number of budget cuts the agency closed before launching a mission in 2003. Private donations allowed the agency to re-open as an independent project to compete for the Ansari X Prize.

OSA was unable to launch a mission in time to claim the X Prize, but continued to work toward a successful launch. OSA completed their ship in April this year and attempted the first to launch from a body of water, something they believed would reduce risk and increase efficiency.

“Sometimes to achieve something great you have to be willing to fail a few hundred times,” OSA’s Captain George Boegh tells us. “We were nearly successful, and we believe with a little additional effort we can bring pride back to the Ozarks. We hope to try again in the fall.”

The attempted launch attracted more than 400 people to Greers Ferry lake. The cause of the failure was officially cited as a deficient rear starboard side rower. OSA hopes that some of the donations raised at the attempted launch will help buy motors for their spacecraft to aid in takeoff this fall.

(photo credit: THV)



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Ozark Space Agency Unsuccessful with Inaugural Launch