P. Allen Smith Takes Leave from Television to Begin a Rap Career

P. Allen Smith announced this morning to a gathering of friends and press at his Moss Mountain Farm location that he will take a temporary leave of absence from his numerous television contracts to complete work on his upcoming rap album and tour.

This was Smith’s first announcement of the album, but says it has been a lifelong dream to be a rapper.

“I love the work I do with food and design, but my passion has always been with rap music,” Smith says. “I often listen to Jay-Z while tending to the tomatoes, the chickens get Kanye, and I like to go old school in the flower bed and put on some Tupac. I love rap music, and I want to make rap music. This is my one chance to follow my dreams.”

Smith said later that he has been in collaboration with local hip hop artist 607, who recently released a new album “Nerd from the Hood“, over the past year.

“Adrian (Tillman, aka 607) has taught me a lot about making a quality rap album,” Smith says. “I really have come a long way with being able to spill my beats to all the honkeys, and I think you are going to really love what I have to offer.”

Smith said he hopes to release the album in early spring and begin a nationwide tour opening for Atlanta based rapper B.o.B, who has taken an early interest in Smith’s work. Smith says he plans to rap under the alias “Skittlez” and released an early teaser of his first rap video titled “Making it Rain on All My Chicks”.




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P. Allen Smith Takes Leave from Television to Begin a Rap Career