Peyton Loses Bet to Eli; Will Wear Ole Miss Uniform in Super Bowl

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning informed his team today that, due to losing a friendly wager to his younger brother [New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning] he will be wearing an Ole Miss uniform during Super Bowl.

Peyton, the older of the Manning quarterback siblings, spent his college years with the Tennessee Volunteers. Younger brother Eli played for the Ole Miss Rebels.

“I asked for a double-or-nothing,” Manning said during the team meeting. “But it’s a rare thing for Eli to get the better of me. I guess he didn’t want to take his chances.”

Eli said he remembers it differently.

“Here’s the deal. I have two rings. He has one,” Eli told reporters. “The fly landed on my sandwich, so I won. Fair is fair.”

“When in doubt,” Eli continued, “trust the guy with most rings.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell addressed the uniform flap with reporters today. He noted that while the league’s uniform requirements are fairly straightforward, Mannings can wear whatever they want. So Peyton will be allowed to wear the Ole Miss uniform.

“Peyton is the face of our league,” Goodell said. “And as such, we will honor the result of any wager he made.”



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Peyton Loses Bet to Eli; Will Wear Ole Miss Uniform in Super Bowl