New Phone Books to be Delivered Directly to Recycling Bins

phonebookYellow Book will begin delivering their annual phone books directly into resident’s recycling bin starting this year. The phone books, which are delivered during the spring, are typically delivered to doorsteps. The move to recycling bin delivery is aimed to increase overall customer experience.

This month the new phone books and accompanying yellow pages will be placed directly into the recycling bins for residential customers. A small note will be placed on the bin notifying customers about the delivery of their latest phone book.

“We have found that people love recycling our phone books,” a Yellow Pages says in their press release. “We receive hundreds of wonderful letters every year saying how they rush with glee to deposit the newly arrived phone books directly into their recycling bins. We think this is the next step in our strong corporate history of providing consumers exactly what they want.”

Phone book recycling accounts for 15% of all residential recycling in Little Rock. “Many times the phone book is the only thing we will see recycled from a household,” the Little Rock recycling director tells us. “We typically have to bring on extra trucks for a couple of weeks after the phone books are delivered to account for the surge. We estimate that 97% of all phone books are recycled within 2 weeks of receiving them in the metro area.”

Several residents we spoke with are thrilled about the new change. “Nothing pisses me off more than having to carry that 5 lbs book across the yard to the recycling bin. Now that they are delivering them directly into the bins I do not mind receiving them as much,” a Little Rock man tells us.

For customers who utilize the phone listing part of the phone books Yellow Pages is offering a free book titled “Transitioning to the 21st Century”.


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New Phone Books to be Delivered Directly to Recycling Bins