Police Crack Down on Lewd Selfies with State Capitol Dome Lights

Little Rock — State Capitol Police today issued a warning that individuals found taking lewd or explicit photos involving the Arkansas State Capitol dome’s Christmas lights will be arrested for public indecency.

Police say they have seen a dramatic rise in photos of individuals performing lewd acts superimposed in front of the Capitol dome when lit at night.

“We understand that with the new Christmas lights the dome looks like the head of… well you know,” Capitol Police Chief Hugh Peterson tells us. “However pretending to lick, touch, sit on, slap, or place protective devices over the dome only further calls attention to the slight oversight. To preserve the integrity of the State Capitol complex we must stand firm in our decision.”

The State Capitol is traditionally decorated with Christmas lights each year. This year the Secretary of State’s office switched to LED lights and began lighting both sides of the Capitol. In the planning process a decision was made to no longer light the┬ácupola on top of the dome.

“Looking back we probably should have lit it. Now we have a $50,000 replica of man land sitting out there for everyone who drives through Little Rock to see,” a spokesperson for the Secretary of State’s office tells us. “Obviously there is not much we can do about it now, but we will take every step to ensure people behave properly when taking photos with it.”

The new dome is said to be responsible for at least one traffic accident. A van of nuns traveling I-630 veered off the road last Friday after seeing the lights.



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Police Crack Down on Lewd Selfies with State Capitol Dome Lights