Police Release First Details of Serial Killer at Large in Little Rock

Little Rock Police today released the first details of a possible serial killer in Little Rock. The suspect has been tied to 127 murders and 58 missing persons.

Last month LRPD released a statement saying they had no evidence to support a serial killer in the Little Rock Metro area. LRPD says they stand behind that statement, and what we are dealing with is a different series of murders over the past 2 years.

“This is a pattern we have seen emerging over the past two holiday seasons,” LRPD crime intelligence expert Buddy Hobbs tells us. “We just now have the evidence we need to come forward with this information, which is especially important as we enter the time where the killer has struck in the past.”

LRPD released a photo of the suspect that was taken from a victim’s phone shortly before the homicide. The suspect appears to be roughly 4 ft tall, 70 lbs, and dressed like the children’s book character Elf on the Shelf.

“The suspect is targeting women age 30-45 and seems to be selecting women who have public blogs about their children,” Hobbs tells us. “Several of the women wrote about finding Elf on the Shelf toys around their house in the weeks leading up to the murder. One victim received a package in the mail containing an elf shortly before disappearing.”

LRPD is urging any women who find misplaced or unexpected elves around their homes to take precautions and notify local law enforcement. To help spread the word, officials are asking all residents to warn friends and family who have posted photos of an elf to their social media accounts about the possible serial killer.



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Police Release First Details of Serial Killer at Large in Little Rock