President Obama Announces Party Affiliation Change to Republican

President Obama today announced that he will change political party affiliation for the remaining 2 years of his presidential term from Democratic to Republican Party.

The change will take place immediately and Obama is expected to meet with GOP chairman┬áReince Priebus to discuss transition plans early next week. The move will┬álikely shake up Obama’s staffing and Cabinet appointments as more Republican officials are moved into those positions.

While the move comes after an overwhelming Republican victory in the midterm elections, Obama says this is a move he has considered for quite a while.

“I actually debated on swapping ahead of the 2012 election. Hilary and I spoke about it and she said that if I did she would run against me,” President Obama tells us. “Ultimately I decided to retain my party affiliation through the election so we can ensure that a quality Republican candidate holds the office of President. Vice President Biden has agreed to join me in this change and I hope we can together pave the way for another GOP victory in 2016.”

There were many rumors about Obama’s Republican shift leading up to the midterm election. The American Conservative speculated on the change last month calling Obama the “heir to Nixon”, and showed how his policies are a continuation of those from popular Republican presidents such as Nixon and Reagan.

Obama says he is proud to be both the first Democratic and Republican black president. He hopes that with the official change he will be able to work closer with Republican controlled house and senate congressmen to build a better future.

“I know we have had our disagreements. Take Obama care for instance, I just did it because I thought you all wanted it. I am more than happy to take it back, in fact lets just call it Hilarycare from now on,” Obama says in an address to house Republicans. “I think we have had a number of misunderstandings and I want us to get back on track. I will even show you my birth certificate if you think it will help.”

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi spoke briefly on this issue after the announcement, reciting a list of 99 problems Obama is responsible for over the past six years.


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President Obama Announces Party Affiliation Change to Republican