Prisons Overflow Following Orange is the New Black Season Premiere

PINE BLUFF, Ark — The Arkansas Department of Corrections recently announced that following the season two premiere of the hit Netflix series “Orange is the New Black” (OITNB), prisons across the natural state have noticed significant increases in women turning themselves in.

Public Information Liason Phillip Brown confirmed for sources, “Over the past month, we’ve gotten a lot more women willing to put themselves in jail; some of them don’t even have criminal records.”

While the announcement seems bizarre, Brown said that this isn’t the first time that Arkansas prisons have become suddenly inundated with eager inmates.

“This happened about twenty years ago when that Shawshank movie came out. Suddenly everyone wanted to get the prison experience, like what they saw in a movie,” Brown tells us. “Last week we had a group of 28 women outside McPherson Unit in Newport throwing rocks at guards asking to be incarcerated.

When asked why he thought women (and a few men) would willingly put themselves in jail, Brown indicated that, like before, fans of OITNB want to experience the alleged atmosphere of their favorite show. Others seem to be on the lookout for brunettes with glasses.

“I hate to break it to them, but prison isn’t like they make it in the movies,” said Brown, who had to leave unexpectedly during this interview to help a fan fiction writer escape from a prison gang fight in the mess hall.



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Prisons Overflow Following Orange is the New Black Season Premiere