Arkansas Razorbacks’ Mascot Killed by Texas Tech’s Infamous Hunting Cheerleader

Kendall Jones, a 19-year-old Texas Tech cheerleader who has recently received harsh criticism for her big-game hunting adventures, shot and killed the University of Arkansas’ official mascot on Monday.

Tusk, the school’s 475-pound razorback hog, was being walked by a trainer inside the Donald W. Reynolds Stadium when Jones fired a single pink arrow from a deer stand that was mounted on the stadium press box. An autopsy confirmed that the hog was killed instantly.

University president Donald R. Bobbitt said that Jones has been arrested and that the assassination appears to have been orchestrated by Texas Tech University itself.

“Frankly, we’re surprised Tusk wasn’t accidentally killed by one of our own fans, many of whom routinely bring their hunting rifles to football games and pick off any unfortunate ducks or ESPN drones that happen to fly over the field,” Bobbitt said. “But there is evidence that Texas Tech is paying Jones to systematically kill off other college football teams’ animal mascots.”

Investigators believe Texas Tech is targeting opponents on the 2014 football schedule first. Texas Tech plays Arkansas in Lubbock on Sept. 13. Officials from the University of Texas say their mascot, Bevo, is currently under protective services at an undisclosed location.

In an interview at Fayetteville’s Northwest Arkansas Community Corrections Center, Jones declined to comment on the recent disappearance of the University of Central Arkansas’ Bruce the bear, who also plays Texas Tech to start the season. The infamous pig sniper did, however, confirm Bobbitt’s suspicions that Texas Tech was involved.

“When my school’s administration saw all my super-cute Facebook pictures of me posing with those arrows stuck in African animals, they thought it would be a great publicity stunt if I combined my love of killing things with my undying school spirit,” Jones said. “I can’t wait for the season to start. Death to animal mascots, and go Red Raiders!”

Razorback fans are still reeling from the loss of their beloved hog, and some are taking it harder than others. A recent poll revealed that Tusk’s death has led a staggering 60 percent of Arkansas hunters to join PETA, an animal rights organization that labels hunting as “cruel and unnecessary.”



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Arkansas Razorbacks’ Mascot Killed by Texas Tech’s Infamous Hunting Cheerleader