Razorbacks Request Mercy Rule be Enacted for SEC Conference Games


University of Arkansas today sent a formal request to SEC commissioner Mike Slive to enact a mercy rule for SEC in-conference games beginning next week.

The proposed rule would end the game at the conclusion of the 3rd quarter if one of the teams has an “insurmountable lead” over the other. The suggested lead would be 30 or more points and the trailing team must agree to the enforcement of the mercy rule.

“We have made a lot of strides to enhance the overall value of the SEC,” UA athletic director Jeff Long tells us. “Say hypothetically a team is losing 38-7 in the 3rd. Wouldn’t that score look much better in the record books than maybe 52-7? Plus there is player safety to consider, that is always a great reason for a rule.”

The request comes as the Razorbacks come off a 52-7 loss against South Carolina, and before playing Alabama in Tuscaloosa who currently is the #1 team in the nation and beat Arkansas 52-0 last year in Fayetteville. Arkansas however says the request has nothing to do with past or potential future losses.

“Our office is strongly considering the request and hope to have an official response by Tuesday,” a spokesperson for the SEC Commissioner’s office tells us. “We certainly want to improve the SEC in every way. Having a team with a first year head coach who is struggling to adjust to the difficulty level of the SEC from the Big 10, hypothetically of course, could use a little help at times to preserve the quality of the league.”

Alabama head coach Nick Saban has said that he would be on board with the rule changes as long as the losing team’s coach refers to him as King Saban for the remainder of the year and kiss all four of his championship rings at midfield following the game.

In related news Arkansas head coach Bret¬†Bielema announced on twitter today that they are changing the official team motto from #NeverYield to #RightOnRed. The new motto is said to refer to the change in team philosophy to “go ahead and stop most of the time, unless it benefits us.”



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Razorbacks Request Mercy Rule be Enacted for SEC Conference Games