Peyton Manning Changing “Omaha” call to “Voldemort” for the Super Bowl

EAST RUTHERFORD — Peyton Manning is changing his famous “Omaha” pre-snap call to “Voldemort” for the SuperBowl according to sources attending the Broncos practice.

The Denver Broncos completed their first SuperBowl practice outdoors on the artificial turf field at the New York Jets’ facility in Florham Park, N.J., on Wednesday. Manning spent a large portion of the practice working with the offensive line on variations of the call, often stating that “Voldemort” works the same as “Omaha”.

“I could hear him talking with the O-Line before the practice and Manning said multiple times that we are changing Omaha to Voldemort,” Our source from the practice, who was most certainly not Pete Carroll dressed as an old Russian lady. “They later practiced with the Voldemort call, sometimes slipping in Omaha as a decoy.”

Manning used the “Omaha” call throughout the season, with increasing frequency in the playoffs, to modify the snap count. Manning used this on over half the plays against the Patriots in the AFC championship game, often changing the meaning to draw the defense offsides.

Manning reportedly decided to change the call to Voldemort after watching the Harry Potter series with his brother Eli, who is a big fan, during the Pro Bowl break before the SuperBowl. Manning said earlier this year that the character Voldemort grossed him out and that is why he avoided the series up until this point.

“Later when I snuck down on the field I heard him say that he brought a potion to use against us, I mean Seattle, if the Voldemort call does not work,” said our confidential source, who again is not Pete Carroll spying on the Broncos practice.


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Peyton Manning Changing “Omaha” call to “Voldemort” for the Super Bowl