The River Rail Streetcar System Begins Offering Free Beer to Attract Saline County Riders


The Central Arkansas Transit Authority today announced that beginning Thursday they will offer free beer to residents of Saline County each time they ride the River Rail Streetcars.

Saline County residents are eligible to receive one free can of beer each time they enter the streetcar upon showing their drivers license or VFW membership card. The program hopes to increase the use of the streetcars which frequently operate with limited occupancy.

“Saline County residents make up a good portion of Little Rock’s daily commuters, but we have failed to convert those to commuters to transit users,” Central Arkansas Transit Authority executive director Jarod Varner tells us. “We wanted to find a way to connect with why they chose to work in Little Rock in the first place. We found for most it was to find an excuse to pick up cheap beer on the way home from work.”

The free beer will be limited to Milwaukee’s Best and Michelob Ultra. In trial runs earlier this year results showed high familiarity among Saline County residents.

“We really wanted to partner with local brewer Stone’s Throw Brewing. What we found was that the quality of beer they produce was too high for the average Benton or Bryant resident, they simply wouldn’t ride for it,” Varner says. “So we went undercover at I30 speedway and discovered the brands they were buying. It really is a win for everyone because the homeless guys will not even touch these beer. It is a very targeted program and should cost relatively relatively little money.”

The free beer will be offered daily from noon until midnight on all streetcars. Central Arkansas Transit is also planning special Thursday night parties on the streetcars called “Beast Train Thursdays” with live music and speed dating.



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The River Rail Streetcar System Begins Offering Free Beer to Attract Saline County Riders