Little Rock Police Accidentally Arrest Santa, Majority of Country without Presents

Little Rock — Little Rock Police announced this morning that they mistakenly arrested Santa last night while responding to a break-in.

The arrest occurred on the 700 block of N. Spruce in the Hillcrest district. Police were called to a local residence after neighbors heard a large commotion coming from next door.

“When we arrived we saw a large black male climbing out of the window to the house,” Little Rock police officer Scott Calvin tells us. “He was dressed like Santa and kept insisting he was the real santa. Unfortunately this was at least the 4th break in that night from someone claiming to be Santa, so we arrested him anyway.”

The owners from the home in question reported nothing missing and said the commotion came from attempting to put together a toy kitchen set for their three year old daughter.

“We started to investigate the break-in further and it did not add up,” Calvin said. “Then we received an official notice from the Department of Homeland Security to release the man officially known as Santa Claus. Who knew Santa was really black? I guess it solves that debate.”

Reports have been coming in from the rest of the country all morning about a large shortage of Christmas presents from Texas to California. It does appear that Santa was released in time to deliver presents to Hawaii.

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Little Rock Police Accidentally Arrest Santa, Majority of Country without Presents