Little Rock woman sees Bigfoot in Ouachita National Forest

OUACHITA NATIONAL FOREST — A Little Rock woman claims she saw Bigfoot while hiking Thursday in the Ouachita National Forrest north of Mount Ida.

Jennifer Long says she spotted the 8-foot tall beast beating his chest while singing what sounded like the chorus of the Rage Against the Machine song “Killing In The Name.”

“All I kept hearing was ‘And now you do what they told ya,’ over and over, just like in the song,”  said Long, organizer of this year’s Dragon Boat Festival in North Little Rock. “The Bigfoot seemed pretty irritated about something, but what I have no idea. Maybe it was upset it didn’t get chosen as mascot of the Arkansas Travelers.”

Long said she went hiking to brainstorm ideas for the Dragon Boat Festival, scheduled for May 17 at Burns Park, but was pretty shaken up when she saw the Bigfoot. She said it had lots of brown hair and looked part human and part bear. She said it was listening to music with what looked like an I-pod and those real expensive Beats By Dre headphones, “you know the ones all the teens get for Christmas.”

Long spotted the Bigfoot about 30 yards off the hiking trail but within seconds the beast disappeared into the forest.

A number of people have claimed to have seen Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch,  although most scientists discount the creatures’ existence as mix of folklore, hoax and misidentification.

There has been no physical evidence of such an animal and scientists say it would be too difficult for a Bigfoot family to support a breeding population.

“We would have seen some sort of evidence if it was real, specifically a live or dead body of a Bigfoot,” Washington State zoologist John Crane said.

Long, though, is a believer. She is also a Belieber, a huge Justin Bieber fan, but that is beside the point.

“I tell ya one thing, that Bigfoot would have made a good mascot,” Long said, “well, better than a swamp possum anyway.”



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Little Rock woman sees Bigfoot in Ouachita National Forest