Little Rock Zoo To Add People of Saline County Exhibit


The Arkansas Zoological Foundation and the Little Rock Zoo announced yesterday that it will soon be undergoing a substantial expansion to add an all new exhibit featuring live residents of Saline County.

“These relocated residents of Saline County will be right at home in their new environment, which is designed for them to live just as they would have in the wild”, said Zoo Director Mike Blakely, “We believe all people deserve a chance to safely experience them in their natural element”.

The multimillion dollar expansion will allow zoo-goers a rare opportunity to view individuals from Saline County in ways few ever thought possible. “This enclosure will give patrons access to full 360 degree views of how they forage for food, interact with others within their group, and continuously beg to be released.”

Blakely assures that, despite the captive Saline County humans near constant cries for help, they could not survive without the care this new sanctuary will provide. “The Saline County ecosystem has been under duress for some time now. Unfortunately, these wonderful creatures have virtually nowhere to go and despite what they may say, do not have families they want to see again.”

The Saline County Humans exhibit is expected to open in the fall of 2014, and is the second phase in the Zoo’s master plan to highlight local wildlife within the park. Last year the zoo opened the Dogtown exhibit, featuring stray dogs from North Little Rock, and says they are exploring plans for a dead blackbirds of Beebe aviary.

All profits from merchandise sales located within the new pavilion will go directly to the Saline County Humans Foundation, a non-profit aimed at increasing public awareness of the plight facing Saline County inhabitants.



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Little Rock Zoo To Add People of Saline County Exhibit