School District Extends Counseling Services to Parents Struggling with Snow Days

The Little Rock School District (LRSD) announced today that they will extend all in-school counseling services to parents who are struggling after excessive snow days.

Counseling services will be available for parents through all Little Rock schools during normal counseling office hours, or by appointment on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 7 pm. In addition the school district has set up a special hotline activated today and any remaining days where the schools are closed due to weather for parents coping with temporary insanity.

“We understand the extreme burden placed on parents who have had to deal with multiple inclement weather closings this year,” LRSD¬†superintendent Dexter Suggs tells us. “We want to let parents know there is someone to talk to about their problems. Believe us, we know how hard it is to keep your kids all day long. Our counselors are here for you to cry, complain, or just be a drinking buddy.”

Little Rock, along with much of the state, has seen higher than average school closings. LRSD says that only a half day remains in the built in snow day calendar. Any additional days will need to be added on at the end of the year or taken from spring break.

Other schools, such as Bentonville School District, have already cut into spring break. They are instead offering party rooms with a cash bar during the week of spring break for parents who took vacation from work and now have to stay in town while their children attend school.

LRSD reminds parents that their counselors, while highly educated, cannot offer any prescription medication to assist with the stress and anxiety due to the snow days. They can offer smiley face stickers and various hard candy depending on which school your child attends.



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School District Extends Counseling Services to Parents Struggling with Snow Days