Darr’s staff to edit state employees’ Facebook videos

LITTLE ROCK — Members of former Lt. Gov. Mark Darr’s staff will edit Facebook videos for state employees to keep occupied until a new lieutenant governor takes office, the Arkansas President Pro Tempore said.

Michael Lamoureux, R-Russellville, said the four members of Darr’s staff would begin by rearranging the posts and photos in his video  and then will move to the other state lawmakers and then to state employees, from workers with the Department of Human Services to state police officers.

Darr resigned from his post Feb. 1 after the state Ethics Commission revealed he violated a variety of state ethics laws.

He left the office but his staff remained and Lamoureux said it’s his job to keep them busy.

“I went in to check on them last week and they were all on Facebook rearranging pictures and posts in those new Facebook videos,” Lamoureux said. “I was so impressed with what they were doing – they had some really cool videos – that I thought they might do mine and then any other state legislator or employee who wishes to have theirs done too. I mean, what better way to spend taxpayer money …”

Chief of Staff Bruce Campbell, communications director Amber Pool, government relations guru Josh Curtis and assistant Raeanne Gardner make up Darr’s staff.

Last week, Facebook users voted Curtis’ and Gardner’s videos among the Top 100 on the social networking site.

Gov. Mike Beebe said last week that Darr’s staff should be let go since Darr is no longer in office. However, when he heard about Lamoureux’s idea to have them edit Facebook videos he seemed to change his tune.

“I hope they can get to edit mine soon,” Beebe said. “There’s a cool picture of me singing karaoke at the Town Pump I’m hoping they will highlight.”




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Darr’s staff to edit state employees’ Facebook videos